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Why Guided Masturbation is so Exciting

by Ms. Sophia of

Let's face it, masturbation is something that almost every adult does. Anyone who tells you differently is most likely lying their behinds off! Just because there's little evidence that someone engages in masturbation (because it's something that usually goes on behind closed doors, all by oneself) doesn't mean that everybody isn't doing it.

Now while it is true that masturbation is usually a solitary puruit, it certainly doesn't have to be. In fact, having someone else present during your masturbation session can be very sexy. The mere presence of another person during an act that is usually performed alone is enough to make things exponentially hotter than usual.

But if the presence of another person during your masturbation session is sexy, then if said person can help you out with your masturbation, that makes things even better. It doesn't even have to be a hands-on type of assistance. Simply having another person there, suggesting things, can really spice everything up.

Is Masturbation as Exciting as it Used to be?

Speaking of assistance: Have you ever found that your masturbation sessions are no longer as exciting to you as they once were? Do you ever wonder why that is? And do you wish you could get that excitement back somehow?

Well, in answer to your question as to why that is, it's most likely because you've simply grown too accustomed to your usual masturbation routine. Familiarity can breed boredom when it comes to sexuality. So the presence of another person can help in that regard, too, because the other person can give you instructions on how to touch yourself in ways that you perhaps have never thought of before.

This works even better if the person is an experienced Masturbatrix like the ladies on our site, and it is, in fact, the basis of the art of guided masturbation.

An Experienced Masturbatrix will Teach you New Things

You may believe that you know everything there is to know about your body, since you've lived in it for as long as you have. But the truth is, there's always something new to learn about it because it is always changing. A Masturbatrix can help you learn new things about your things that will turn you on in ways you never imagined. She can introduce you to new erogenous areas and help you find new ways to stoke the flames of your desire.

One of the ways that she does that is via jerk-off instructions (JOI). A Masturbatrix is a woman who has plenty of experience handling cocks and knows all kinds of secrets and tricks that she can have you use to maximize your pleasure. Your guided masturbation session will likely include things like teasing and orgasm edging, in addition to simple directions on how to stroke. And stroking is not all that she can tell you to do, either. She may have you use toys, create homemade masturbation devices, introduce anal play and prostate stimulation, or teach you about tantric masturbation techniques that will prolong your pleasure.

If you'd like to spice up your masturbation routine, then give our guided masturbation phone sex Mistresses a call!

Imagine you are on the brink of coming; feeling that rush right before you orgasm but are pulled back over and over again. You are brought to the highest heights and denied until you can practically stand it no more. And when you are finally allowed to come? Pure ecstasy. Welcome to guided masturbation.

What is Guided Masturbation?

Guided masturbation is a sensual and erotic form of cock control. Essentially, it's tease and denial at its best. Our Femdom Mistresses are there to guide you through, ensuring you a long, exquisite orgasm when you finally, finally get to come!


Whether it's a few minutes, hours or even days
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