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What You'll Need For Guided Masturbation

The most stripped-down version of guided masturbation (no pun intended) requires only your cock, your hand, and a set of directions for you to follow. However, this is like saying that all a car needs to run is an engine and a transmission. Of course, you don't actually need an air conditioner in your car, but it sure does make the drive a lot more pleasant if you do have it.

At the very least, you should have some lube before starting your guided masturbation adventure. If your Masturbatrix is in the mood for an extended tease and denial session, you might rub yourself raw without it! Besides, she might also want to mix in some anal play masturbation instructions along with her regular guided masturbation directions. If she were to do something like that and you didn't have lube, you'd be in trouble!

Of course, lube is one very basic thing you need. If you'd like to spice up your normal guided masturbation routine some more, then you can always add other items to the mix.

Toys That Help With Orgasm Delay

If your Mistress is a fan of extreme cockteasing, then a toy that helps you endure this kind of "torture" might be helpful. Some men find that they can't control themselves as well as they ought to, which ends up getting them into trouble with their Mistresses. No one wants to be in trouble if he can help it, so here's a suggestion for you: invest in a cock ring.

Actually, buying a manufactured cock ring isn't necessary unless, of course, your Femdom Mistress tells you to do so. You can easily learn to create a do-it-yourself cock ring (or make cock-and-ball bondage that works the same way) out of household items.

Women's hair ties are great for this sort of things, especially the elastic ponytail holders. Try to get the kind with no metal if at all possible. You may need to loop them around your cock and/or balls more than once to get the desired tightness, but be sure to never wrap them too tightly. It's better to be punished for cumming too early than to permanently ruin your genitals by accident! If you prefer to try some cock and ball bondage instead, try shoe string, silk scarves, or the like. Again, don't tie them too tightly!

If you're looking at manufactured cock rings, you might want to try a rubber one if you've never tried a cock ring before. They tend to be more forgiving than the metal ones.

Regardless of what type of cock bondage toy you choose, all of them will help you stay harder for longer. Your phone sex Mistress will certainly approve!

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Other Toys For Guided Masturbation

There are other toys besides cock rings which can be fun for your guided masturbation adventures. As mentioned before, some Mistresses like to incorporate anal play and/or prostate milking in extended masturbation sessions. If you're interested in these things or think your Mistress may be, here are some more toy ideas for you.

Latex (or synthetic rubber if you have a latex allergy) gloves are a good investment if you think any anal play might be going on. They aren't absolutely necessary, but they certainly help with clean-up, as do condoms for toys. Rubber gloves and condoms also prevent lube from soaking into your fingers or your toys, which makes penetrating yourself easier. You'll also need less lube in the end if you use these things.

Another good idea is to look at adult toy stores. You can generally buy sex toys cheaper online, and it also saves you from the embarrassment of having to go in one of these establishments if you're not a humiliation enthusiast.

Some good ideas as far as what kinds of sex toys to purchase for yourself are masturbation devices (i.e., "pocket pussies"), dildos, butt plugs, and anal beads.

Your Mistress might like having you fuck a masturbation device instead of just stroking for her. You may wish to purchase one or even make your own if you're feeling very adventurous. (If you ask your Femdom phone sex Mistress, she may very well have instructions for you to make your own.) Using these types of devices will create different sensations than just regular stroking.

Anal toys are another good idea. If you can only buy one right now, a dildo is probably your best choice. Just make sure it's flared enough at the base to keep it from getting lost inside of you. (This also applies to butt plugs.) However, if you have the means, a wide variety of anal toys is your best bet. This gives your Mistress plenty of different choices when giving you your jerk off instructions and insures that you can experience a variety of sensations when you play.

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